Beauty contests have long become commonplace in our lives, but never before have the heroines of these contests become the ones we encounter every day
— our employees, colleagues, partners.
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About pageant

In 2010, the contestants were chosen among office workers in Moscow companies. But since 2012, the geography of the competition has increased, and in 2017 it went beyond the borders of Russia: there were participants from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 2019, girls from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Montenegro, China, UAE, Israel, Cyprus took part in the competition. Despite the expansion of horizons, the main goal of the pageant remains unchanged - to create a modern image of a successful business woman and provide an opportunity for contestants to show their creative potential.

Miss Office in numbers

45 castings
in cities
1000 guests
on the final show
more 1500 of mentions
in the media
about 2 500 000 viewers of
online broadcast

More about the stages of the pageant:

The international beauty pageant Miss Office is a whole year of castings, filming, communication with journalists and, of course, the final show with your participation.